Keep your Data safe

We offer a secure private cloud based solution for complete control and peace of mind.

Secure your Data
Manage your data securely over a VPN, use encrytion and apply tight security policies
Offsite Data backups
Prevent complete loss of data from fire, theft or accidents - by taking automated data backups
Team data collaboration
Get a steady stream of customers using a mix of traditional and modern marketing techniques
Retain your Data
Retain your sales data even if an employee loses their laptop or leaves the business

Data Security 101

Your Business is only as secure as your Data

Private Cloud

Keep your data under your control for a complete peace of mind without losing the benefits of cloud

Remote Access

Access your data remotely through your mobile, laptop or tablet and share safely amongst team members

Automated Backups

Backup your data automatically to prevent loss of data due to fire, theft or accidents

Business Support

We provide you a complete data backup and disaster recovery solution with expert database admin support

How much does it cost?

We have a few innovative engagement models - there'll be one to suit you

Think of us as your business consulting Partner.