McKinsey Industry Digital Quotient

Pharma Digital Platform to bridge the gap between Digital and Legacy IT

HealthCare companies are sincerely trying to bridge the gap between Digital and Legacy IT by undertaking long and complex transformations.

A lot remains to be done when compared to companies in travel, retail, telecoms or other sectors. Planned properly, these transformations can also deliver regulatory compliance with minimal effort.

Use a Digital Platform to drive transformation success in Commercial Operations, with CRM at its core.

We bring together 'Technology' + 'Health Care' experience.

Being Patient focused, our consultants apply domain knowledge and cloud technology skills to deliver results across healthcare and life sciences engagements CRM

Be it Health Cloud, Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud - we configure the application and platform to your business needs

Segmentation and Targeting

Identify segments based on known experiences and allocate resources for growth, sustainability and opportunity.

Patient Journey

Bring accountability, transparency and improve patient experience with intelligent journey builder

Veeva for Life Sciences

UK and Europe Life Sciences experts, Big Pharma experience, data management

IT and Business Support

Complete Technical and Business support, UK onsite presence with healthcare & life sciences experience.

Smart Cycle Plans

Clone your current cycle plans, add, remove targets and apply smart filters like specialty and product focus.

Independent CRM Consultants: we put patients at the heart of every decision.


The Pillars of HealthCare Digital Transformation

In a regulated industry, change does not come easy. It requires Industry experience, technology awareness and people skills to achieve desired results.

The journey starts with choosing the right Digital Platform. The four principles to build this success being:

  • Identify the Brand focus leading to core products and services that would differentiate your offerings from the competition. Then, build your digital roadmap around these core offerings.
  • Develop a lean Delivery Mechanism that leverages the new Digital Platform to integrate the entire product delivery lifecycle. This reduces the overall time to market and minimizing compliance breaches
  • Strengthen your IT foundation with Digital Platforms, upgrade the talent pool to leverage some if the inherent benefits like cloud infrastructure, Big Data computing to treat data as a strategic asset, improve security protocols and build as-a-service applications.
  • Embrace an Open culture to encourage innovation, participation and a sense of belonging led top-down by the Leadership team. Enable teams to pursue digital adoption.
McKinsey Industry Digital Quotient

Transform the way you acquire, serve, engage and innovate.

Create 1-1 patient journeys. Collaborate across Healthcare ecosystem.

Deliver smart, simple and personalized engagement.