Delivering IT as a Service from ~2% of turnover

A turnover based subscription model makes us work harder because we grow as you grow.


McKinsey Strategy on Cloud Services

All large companies have gained immensely from this strategy and leveraged cloud to increase their profits. Only the small companies have been left behind.

Published by McKinsey in 2014 aptly titled 'Big business in small business: Cloud services for SMBs' by Julie Avrane-Chopard, Thomas Bourgault, Abhijit Dubey and Lohini Moodley describes core principles of this strategy. We implement this strategy for small businesses.

What we deliver is an assortment of IT and cloud services, working in harmony, delivered as a monthly subscription service to 'RUN' the business from just ~2% of total turnover. Simple pricing that keeps us motivated because we grow only if you grow.

 Can anyone else do this?


IT as a Service: Growth Transformation

The first thing large companies do is accept to change, accept "transformation". Small businesses are lucky because they can change at a lower cost and in lesser time.

As part of this growth transformation, we conduct an initial Business core strengths' analysis followed by a Growth road-map.  We then implement the strategy.

Small Businesses begin to see the benefits as we implement virtual employees, legacy to cloud migration, IT outsourcing, Business process outsourcing and help enter lucrative Indian market.

We are One vendor that provides complete Growth Solution.

Can anyone else do this?


Cloud Platform to deliver IT as a Service

We have the experience of delivering connected applications as a single platform that monitors, meters, provisions, maintains and supports every part of the Business in a joined-up manner. We leave no silo's.

Be it Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, HR, Finance, Distribution, 3rd Parties or Back office - the platform delivers measurable services in a predictable manner at a predictable cost.

Interestingly, customers don't care about the platform itself. What they want is the vendor to take ownership and upgrade their legacy services to cloud and bring about this change with minimal or no impact on their revenue stream.

It is all about understanding their Business, Change Management, Delivery Assurance and Project Management. This allows us to deliver IT as a Service which helps grow your Business.

Can anyone else do this?


Business Change: from Legacy to Modern Biz

As part of this transformation journey, the SMBCloud team addressed business functions and challenges as outlined below:

  • Customer Interface: Web and Mobile experience was at the forefront of this change. A device and OS independent web and mobile interface was developed that was able to immediately connect to the legacy back-end systems and allowed the project teams to upgrade these legacy systems without disrupting the business.
  • Payments and Channels interface: As the customer went digital, new interaction channels opened up and payment gateways were integrated between the cutomer and back office systems. New channels went straight to the cloud platform and the process of modernization kicked in true earnest.
  • Business Change: This was the most difficult part and something that the SMBCloud team had not been warned about by any of the Cloud Service Providers. The technology was sold as being ready in days not weeks but the effort to make this change from legacy to cloud was hugely under estimated. Had it not been for the Business Support team on the ground, the results would not have been favorable.
  • A Transformation Project: The SMBCloud team worked closely with Cloud Service Providers and the customer to align service on-boarding with business training and adoption timelines.


 Technology change: from Legacy to Cloud

Several key business processes were completely overhauled with the adoption of a new cloud based approach

  • Website overhaul - Any device, any OS, access anytime from anywhere approach.
  • Payment gateway - accept cash, phone payment, online and card transactions
  • Digital Marketing - promote brand, products and services on traditional search and social media platforms
  • Collaboration - Get everyone on the same page with office applications and voice, data sharing tools.
  • Backup & Security - Securely access data through a VPN from anywhere and deploy a private cloud for backing up sensitive data
  • API's for Voice and Location services, Cloud PBX and Geo data mapping
  • CRM & ERP - Building a seamless customer experience and maximising cross and up-sell opportunities by integrating all front and back office operations.
  • Custom applications - Porting or complete custom development on Azure, AWS


Continuous Improvement and Business Support

The most important aspect of our engagement is the support that our customers receive long after the initial deployment is over. Our engagement is like a partnership where we act as an external consultant bringing our Industry wide experience to our customers and sharing new and better business practices with them.

The SMBCloud team provides enhancements, business support and strives to improve business revenues. Why? Because we grow when our customers grow. Our model is simple - we charge from just ~2% of the business revenue and therefore become invested in our customers' business.

Your success becomes our success.


Therefore, a "% of revenue" model is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone. A customer with £2m in revenues with around 8-10 employees finds it very appealing to lock down and cap their monthly 'RUN' costs at around £3,250 per month. This allows them to put their focus back on what matters most - Grow their Business.

Why choose IT as a Service?

Key benefits not available with traditional IT suppliers.

Power of Cloud
ITaaS brings you the best Cloud applications and services available today
Top Consultants
Proven experience of delivering large transformation, Systems Integration and IT projects, globally.
Solid Support
We are committed to support and grow your business because our success is linked to yours.
All-in-One Solution
We provide licensing, Implementation, Support and Consulting - all in one place.

Grow your Business.

Get your spark back. You now have the tools to beat your competitors - big or small.

Office Automation

Connect your Sales and Marketing teams on a common platform supported by analytics, CRM, collaboration and workflow automation tools.

Closed loop marketing

Know what works well with Analytics and deliver targeted sales with intuitive multi-channel x-commerce capabilities.

Business Applications

Modernise your business applications by adopting smart cloud platforms for CRM, ERP, HR and Analytics

Business Support

Transform your business in simple measurable steps - We provide complete Business Support

How much does it cost?

We have a few innovative engagement models - there'll be one to suit you

Think of us as your business consulting Partner.