Healthcare CRM Consultants

CRM for Transparency


The CRM captures 'Transfer of Value' with additional features like:

  • Approval logic & workflows - for informed spend decisions
  • Audit trails - provide a snapshot of data that can be presented at Audit
  • Reports & Dashboards - provide early visibility and control
  • Dispute resolution - facilitate inquiries and remediation 
  • Expense reporting - Direct and Indirect expense logs
  • Consent management - HCP consent and disclosure data
  • Data privacy filters - ensures right access to right data

Our Project Managers bring 'Technology' + 'Health Care' experience.

Our team of Project Managers apply domain knowledge and cloud technology skills to deliver results across healthcare and life sciences engagements

CRM for HealthCare Transparency

Set the standards by publishing all eligible transfer of values to healthcare professionals across all channels and expense types

CRM for Medical Services Liaison

Work through the entire product life-cycle, interact with KOL's and build a trusted peer-peer relationship.

Patient Journey

Bring accountability, transparency and improve patient experience with intelligent journey builder

Life Sciences domain experience

UK and Europe Life Sciences experts, Big Pharma experience, data management, regulation and compliance savvy

IT and Business Support

Complete Technical and Business support, UK onsite presence with healthcare & life sciences experience.

Analytics & BI

Use Wave or external BI tools based on AWS, Azure to dynamically report on data sources and take informed decisions


The Medical Services Liaison is an important function throughout the product life-cycle, from development to commercial use. The Medical CRM maintains:

  • Strong peer to peer relationship with Key opinion leaders
  • Manages relationships with Payers, Regulators, Patient advocacy groups and specialist HealthCare Institutions
  • Provides qualified medical content management for relevant stakeholders
  • Share approved information across the organisation, breaking silos 
  • Express each interaction in a unique manner

Independent CRM Consultants: we put patients at the heart of every decision.


Transform the way you acquire, serve, engage and innovate.

Create 1-1 patient journeys. Collaborate across Healthcare ecosystem.

Deliver smart, simple and personalized engagement.