Digital Innovation Lab

Digital Innovation Lab

What is CRM-led Digital Innovation Lab?

Proven Governance Structure and Execution framework to deliver Digital Transformation across business functions.

An offering that combines Process, Technology and Skills, compatible with Lightning, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Veeva and Zoho CRM platforms.

Reduces capital expenditure and improves productivity. A collaborative approach provides a consistent delivery using a single digital platform. 

A regulated and compliant platform to manage Digital Apps and content. Modernize legacy applications to cloud and remove points of failure.

CRM Digital Innovation Lab.

Mobile, On-Demand, Cloud and AI are redefining how Pharma & HealthCare deliver products and services to patients and improve their lives.

How much does it cost?

No additional funding required. The unique self-funded model delivers and pays for itself out of Year 1 savings.

What will it deliver?

Delivers a unified digital platform for delivering apps and content in a consistent, regulated and compliant manner.

Who owns it?

Business owns the Lab and IS resources deliver. All stakeholders have equal stake in its success. We provide the governance structure and delivery assurance.

What about legacy applications?

We provide legacy to cloud migration roadmap for Commercial (Sales & Marketing), R&D and Medical digital transformation. 

Who provides the techies?

We have a team of skilled resources to co-ordinate and deliver the outcome working together with your existing team(s).

What about support?

We provide complete post deployment support that includes continuous improvement program

When can we start?

We are a small, focused, independent CRM consultancy and follow a "First-come first-serve" policy. Please call us or email us to get started.


Case Study: HealthCare Digital Transformation

In a regulated industry, change does not come easy. It requires Industry experience, technology awareness and people skills to achieve desired results.

The journey starts with choosing the right Digital Platform. The four principles to build this success being:

  • Identify the Brand focus leading to core products and services that would differentiate your offerings from the competition. Then, build your digital roadmap around these core offerings.
  • Develop a lean Delivery Mechanism that leverages the new Digital Platform to integrate the entire product delivery lifecycle. This reduces the overall time to market and minimizing compliance breaches
  • Strengthen your IT foundation with Digital Platforms, upgrade the talent pool to leverage some if the inherent benefits like cloud infrastructure, Big Data computing to treat data as a strategic asset, improve security protocols and build as-a-service applications.
  • Embrace an Open culture to encourage innovation, participation and a sense of belonging led top-down by the Leadership team. Enable teams to pursue digital adoption.
McKinsey Industry Digital Quotient

Transform the way you acquire, serve, engage and innovate.

Create 1-1 patient journeys. Collaborate across Healthcare ecosystem.

Deliver smart, simple and personalized engagement.