We provide CRM Implementation and Support Services.

Hire CRM Project Delivery & Support consultants

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Get a CRM team

Get expert CRM resources for your projects
✓ Our consultants deliver CRM for Sales and Marketing
✓ We help you move from old CRM to Cloud

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Outsource to compete

Experience across Telecoms, Retail, Utilities, Banking, Media, Services and most industries
✓ Trained resources in India and UK
Grow your Revenue

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Grow your Business

✓ Follow our 3-point growth strategy
✓ We provide technology and resources
✓ Sell your products and services in new markets
✓ Grow your Sales

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Case study: Pharma

✓ Comply with PMCPA
✓ Ideal for mid-size companies
✓ We provide end-to-end Implementation & Support
✓ Modern Cloud CRM solution

CRM-led Digital Transformation for any Industry

Pharma Case Study: Proven Governance, Functional & Technical expertise for launching your CRM led Digital Transformation

Go to Focused HCP Interactions

Focused HCP Interactions

Plan effective meetings
Manage consent capture
Record sentiments and next meeting notes

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Smart Cycle Plans

Clone cycle plans
Add, remove targets by swipe, drag and drop
Real time specialty and product filters

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Better Targeting

Rules based Segmentation
Criteria based Targeting
Serves Growth, Sustainability & Opportunity

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Connected ecosystem

Tailored HealthCare solutions
Continuous improvement cycle

Solve your top CRM challenges.
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Grow faster.

Digital Marketing
CRM applications
Closed Loop Marketing
Increase your Sales,
Increase Profits

International Experience - 15+ years’ in UK and Europe; 2+ years in US and 10+ years in India.
Our global team provides:

✓ CRM Project Success
✓ On-premise to Cloud modernisation
✓ Cloud Application development
✓ IT support & maintenance
✓ Mobile commerce and strategy
✓ Business consulting services in UK
✓ New Business opportunities
✓ Complete IT as a Service for ~2% of revenue

  • UK onsite and Offshore development centre

  • CRM, CLM, Life Sciences & HealthCare domain expertise

  • Sales, Service, Marketing, Social, Analytics + more

  • Run your Business applications for a fixed monthly cost

Professional Consulting and Complete IT Support - without the premium price.  

Other case studies

Industry wide, international experience

Supporting businesses for over 20 years.
Engage us to get the results.
Think of us, as your in-house, 'IT + Business' Consultants.

CRM Consultants for successful project delivery

We have successfully delivered custom cloud, enterprise, mobile, and IoT based solutions in every industry, for varying business size, right from hot startups to Fortune 2000 companies.