Get on the Cloud to compete with large enterprises.

Hire skilled Virtual employees. Outsource all IT functions. Focus on Sales and New Markets.

Web & Mobile

Get online with a device optimised website, e-commerce and start selling globally, in no time.

Office Automation
Collaborate, Communicate and Operate from anywhere, anytime on any device with Microsoft Productivity tools
Data Security
Automate backups, access data securely and exercise full control with a private cloud
Cloud Applications
Modernise your business in no time, by adopting smart cloud platforms for CRM, ERP, HR and Analytics
Digital Marketing
Achieve closed loop marketing by using the right digital platforms and marketing tools
IT Support
We provide IT support to meet your business requirements - Your 1 stop solution provider

3 - Point Growth Strategy.

Get the Technology

Get rid of IT distractions and outsource IT from just 2% of your revenue. Use Cloud applications to compete with large enterprises.

Get the Resources

Get access to global talent pool by hiring skilled virtual employees from our India offices. This will also help you to operate in one of the fastest growing economies.

Go Global

Enter India, fastest growing economy where we help you to setup a base by providing local knowledge and resources to sell your products and services.

3 Growth hacks for small and medium businesses

#1 Virtual Employees.
Hire Virtual Employees in any field from $250/week
Save upto 50% on your next hire.

#2 IT Outsourcing
We have a suite of 30+ cloud applications to run your entire Business from £30/employee/month (YES - that's true)
In addition, virtual employees get these 30+ applications at no cost.

#3 Break into the Indian Market
Brexit brings Business uncertainty. Move fast and setup part of your manufacturing, distribution or services in India. Export from India or Sell locally.
We help setup a legal local entity in India, co-invest, advise base location in India and help run local operations.

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UK: + 44 203 8568 365

How much does it cost?

We have a few innovative engagement models - there'll be one to suit you

Think of us as your business consulting Partner.